Famous People | Rea CPA-安全的赌博软件

The success of our firm always has been and always will be directly linked to the quality of our people here at Rea, we believe we can go from good to great by becoming famous for skills that differentiate us from others in the firm and in our markets.

What will you be famous for?

Everybody is good at something. What will you be famous for? From tax and assurance to cybersecurity and retirement plan administration, inside each of us is a highly skilled professional who is looking to take their career to the next level. At Rea, we’ve developed an initiative that encourages team members to identify and nurture their strengths.

Upon embarking on a career at Rea, team members will work closely with a mentor, try out different specialty practices before deciding what they want to become famous for, and enhance their communication and leadership skills through speaking engagements and participation in professional and community organizations. They will also meet with other thought leaders to gather market intelligence and grow their networks.

To learn more about Rea’s famous people initiative, email our team today. You can also review Rea’s current job openings to find out if there is a place for you and the skills you would bring to the table.